Solganix is a Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul band based in San Francisco. While new to the Bay Area scene as a band, each member of this 5-piece outfit brings various musical experiences and influences to the table. The result is a pure fusion of sound, conscious and infectious, harmonic and raw, full and stripped down all at the same time. This is best showcased at their live shows where you could hear a 70s soul inspired tune, morph into a dancehall rhythm, then transformed into some bluesy, futuristic funk.

Over the past year, Solganix has been gigging frequently around the Bay Area, writing songs, and prepping their first project, the First Four Ep. They have performed in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Berkeley, rocking various venues such as The Brick and Mortar, The Elbo Room, 924 Gilman, Legionnaire, and opening up for the likes of Breakestra and Rhymesayers’ Blueprint.

The First Four Ep will be released in January of 2014 and will be available via online retailers at select outlets.

Vocals, Words: Paulie Rhyme
Percussion, Vocals: Luis
Bass, Vocals: Zach
Drums, Vocals: Ian
Guitar, Vocals: Carlos